The Connecticut Department of Labor (“DOL”) has released guidance concerning Public Act 11-52, the new paid sick leave law.  The DOL also released a poster that complies with the law’s notice requirement.

Both the guidance document and the poster are available on the DOL’s website

The Spanish version of the poster is forthcoming.

We provided a detailed review of the sick leave law in a post last month.

Though the guidance document does not appear to contain any major revelations, it does provide clarification of certain points and is in a format that is easier for employers to navigate that the Public Act.

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The paid sick leave law (Senate Bill 913, Public Act 11-52) is set to become effective on January 1, 2012.  The law will make Connecticut the first state to mandate paid sick leave for employees.  Employers are well advised to become familiar with the law even if they already provide greater paid time off than